Investment, Project and Asset Management

Through our investments, we create value within the Swedish real estate market


Möller & Partners

Möller & Partners is a leading real estate investment and asset management firm founded in 2000 by Peter Möller, Henrik Jussi-Pekka and Göran Bygdén. Since the company’s inception, over SEK 20 billion in transaction value has been invested and managed across more than 100 transactions in Sweden, representing more than 1.5 million sqm under management. Möller & Partners operates across the entire asset class spectrum and has sponsored and managed investment vehicles within the residential, office, retail and logistics sectors. Backed by our extensive real estate experience, Möller & Partners delivers complete solutions in which the company is responsible for and manages the entire investment process from acquisition through asset management and development to divestment.

Möller & Partners operates through a number of subsidiaries or platforms, where the majority are capitalized by external investors. Throughout the years, Möller & Partners has cooperated with several well-known Swedish and international investors and institutions.  Our goal is to continue to generate above market returns for our stakeholders through disciplined investing, active asset management and our sustainable approach to real estate investment.

Investment Management

Möller & Partners has a strategy-driven investment approach focused on well-researched investment platforms. We have a long history of successfully establishing our investment platforms by identifying attractive real estate investment opportunities and matching them with the right investors. Since inception, we have established numerous well-functioning, specialist platforms in separate holding companies and continuously initiative new platforms as opportunities arise. Möller & Partners owns its platforms together with well-renowned domestic and international capital partners. Through our platforms, we offer our investors interesting opportunities across all real estate sectors.

Project Management

Since inception, Möller & Partners has been creating modern, sustainable housing, office, and retail premises. Within each of our investments, we look to create value by identifying and unlocking the hidden potential within each asset. We initiate, evaluate and implement improvements to our properties such as building extensions and other new construction, refurbishment, rebranding, and rezoning. Our hands-on approach to value creation has enabled us to outperform our competitors.

Asset Management

Möller & Partners’s active in-house asset management capabilities ensure efficient execution of value enhancing initiatives. Core business is always managed in-house to attain strong results for our investors and partners while non-core business is carried out in cooperation with best in class service providers who share our values and focus on active, sustainable asset management.

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