Resinova was founded 2019 and is a platform that facilitates institutional investors' possibilities of acquiring and owning newly built residential properties in demographically strong cities with housing shortage.



Engelbrekt Development is a subsidiary of Möller & Partners focused on project development. Engelbrekt has a successful track record of developing residential buildings with high architectural standard and environmental profiles. The project portfolio has been created through land allocation competitions, acquisitions of building rights, and through rezoning and converting existing properties.



Akka Egendom was founded with investments concentrated to small and medium-sized municipalities which display good demographic growth. Investors within the Akka platform including leading Swedish institutions.

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Möller & Partners takes over management of two shopping centers in Västerås on behalf of the Carlyle Group. Investments and active, hands-on management generate new concepts and modernize the assets which leads to reduced vacancies and improved cash flow. The assets were sold to a shopping center specialist in 2016.




Urbano, a residential real estate company operating in metropolitan areas and regional cities, was established. Urbano was comprised of around 3,000 rental apartments and was divested in 2015.

Svenska Handelsfastigheter, a big box retail portfolio focused primarily on groceries is created. Through numerous single asset and small portfolio acquisitions, a necessity driven retail platform consisting of approximately 187,000 square meters was established. The platform was later sold to an institutionally backed investor.

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Möller & Partners wins a land allocation competition and develops approximately 28,000 square meters of modern production facilities backed by a 20-year government lease agreement. The asset was divested via a forward funding structure.



Möller & Partners acquires land in Mölnvik and Värmdö Through close cooperation with the municipalities, new zoning which allowed for 16,500 sqm of big box retail was created. The properties were divested to an international fund manager with the undeveloped portion of the project sold in a forward funding structure.



Möller & Partners creates its first big box retail portfolio through several single asset and small portfolio transactions. Through pro-active asset management and close tenant relationships, Möller & Partners significantly increases the portfolio’s value prior to divestment.

Möller & Partners manages a portfolio of office and warehouse assets in Stockholm on behalf of Merrill Lynch. Through active leasing and property development, Möller & Partners successfully stabilizes the portfolio’s cash flow making a large, positive impact on the portfolio’s value at divestment.



Möller & Partners acquires four shopping malls in the Stockholm area during 2000-2004. Value is created through actively leasing up and regearing office, residential and retail premises, improving tenant structures, consolidating ownership structure to enable more efficient management, setting up proper centre management teams and repositioning and expanding a centre by about 25%. Through close relationships and direct dialogs with the municipalities, additional building rights were created in three of the four centres.