Möller & Partners Wins Land Allocation


Möller & Partners recently won its second land allocation competition in Järfälla municipality. The tender for the development of the Tallbohov area, just south of Jakobsberg, was submitted in November 2018.

The land allocation is comprised of 10 850 gross area divided into three phases with varying building types including multi-family housing and row-/chain houses. The 200 unit site,  consisting of a sustainable mix of condominiums, rental apartments, and single family houses, will be developed in phases. M&P’s proposal was approved by the municipal council at the end of January 2019.

The invitation to participate in the land allocation competition included guidance and requirements from the municipality with respect to high quality design, building variation, and density. Furthermore, social sustainability, proximity to nature, and feasibility were highly valued by the municipality when choosing the winning partner.

The project has been named Folium, ”leaf” in Latin, as the concept for the area as well as the housing has been inspired by the properties of forms of the leaves and trees in the near vicinity. The façades will primarily be comprised of wood with the lowest floors being natural bricks. The rooftops of the multi-family housing will be partly covered with sedum. The wood façade has been chosen to create a warm and natural feeling which melts into the surrounding vegetation and also because wood has less of an impact on the environment compared with many other commonly used façade materials.

Möller & Partners submitted its proposal in partnership with Defigo with whom it has a long relationship. Krook & Tjäder has been responsible for the project’s architecture and design.

Möller & Partners